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Transformational Hypnotherapy

I know why you are here. You know you are worth so much more, but you feel stuck. Transformational Hypnotherapy is the answer you are seeking.

In trying to reach your goals, your health, social life, or your relationships have suffered. You know you have lots of potential, but it feels like something is missing in your life. 

You’ve taken courses, read self-help books, watched endless YouTube videos, and applied the latest strategies. You may have had traditional therapy. You’ve tried manifesting and positive thinking, but things still aren’t shifting for you. Transformational Hypnotherapy can help.

You want better mental and physical health. You want success and freedom. You want to step into your power, work at something you love with a great partner by your side, and live your life to the full.

You still feel like something is holding you back.

You haven’t done enough inner work on the most important person – YOU!

You are the key to your great future.

You may have spent much of your life, not feeling good enough or safe enough to be who you were always meant to be. You can break the cycle and live the life you dreamed about, both for yourself and your family.

I can help you find the root cause of your behaviours and beliefs that keep you small and change them, so you are free to be your authentic self.

Your subconscious mind already knows everything that you need to level up, so you can experience real success in life. You can get rid of all your bad habits, negative thinking, and old patterns so that a new transformed you can emerge.

I can help you.

Hello. I’m Lynn.

I am an expert in Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and psychology. I can help you say goodbye to self-doubt, procrastination, anxiety, phobias, and negative thinking. You can kiss self-sabotage goodbye too. I can even help you heal from physical illnesses and pain. You can reach your perfect weight forever. I can take you from feeling stuck to unstoppable so you can achieve the success you deserve.

Together, we can use Hypnotherapy to find the root cause of what has been blocking you. I use a unique combination of Hypnotherapy, coaching, psychotherapy, command cell therapy, spiritual healing, and energy work. My formula gives you the key to profound and lasting transformation.


Transformational Hypnotherapy can occur in person or online through Zoom, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.  My practice is based in Whinburgh which is a few miles from Dereham in the heart of Norfolk. Come to see me in my cosy treatment room in my converted chapel or book a Zoom session for online therapy.

Lynn Matheson Hypnotherapy

I also offer Thought Field Therapy.

Call me Today on 01362 421439

I am professionally qualified, experienced, registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and insured.

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Outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

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