Can hypnotherapy help with depression?


Depression can sneak up on you gradually and before you know it, you’re in a deep hole that you cannot claw your way out of.

Depression can be a debilitating condition. It can affect everything in your life: work, relationships, family, and social life. It can manifest in people of any age and at any time.

The following are some of the many symptoms of depression:

  • low mood lasting two weeks or more
  • not getting any enjoyment out of life
  • feeling hopeless
  • feeling tired or lacking energy
  • not being able to concentrate on everyday things like reading the paper or watching television
  • comfort eating or losing your appetite
  • sleeping more than usual or being unable to sleep
  • having suicidal thoughts or thoughts about harming yourself

Some of us get so used to feeling like this that it seems normal and leads to thoughts such as, “that’s just the way life is.” It does not have to be this way.

During the course of your depression treatment, I can use a mix of therapies to suit you as an individual. These may include transformative hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP and thought field therapy. Good therapy is not just about treating your symptoms but getting to the root cause so you can understand yourself and feel release. This can be done in regression hypnosis where you are taken back to earlier times in your life. Then you receive help to love and accept yourself just as you are and move forward with confidence and hope.

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