Hypnotherapy for Creativity

Sometimes even the most creative people can feel stuck and uninspired. Hypnotherapy can free you. In fact, everyone is creative. Not just writers, artists and musicians – but all of us.

Your outlet could be cooking, or growing businesses, or nurturing children or animals. These are all different forms of creativity.  If you don’t think you are creative, it’s possible that you simply haven’t identified your talent yet.

Hypnotherapy can release you from your mental blocks. My access to your unconscious, and its ability to completely relax you, can combine to free your mind from its set patterns and set your thinking along new pathways. Through regression therapy you understand the cause of your stagnation and that knowledge can set you free. It could be something that happened way in the distant past.

When you are in the creative flow, it is often said to be like being in a trance – when you are ‘in the zone’ time passes faster than you realise. Hypnosis is the same. Hours can seem like minutes. I have written two novels myself so know all about the experience that some days everything flows easily and other days it seems like nothing is there.

The relaxed state that hypnotherapy creates is often said to be like a dream. Creativity takes place in a similar state, somewhere between reality and fantasy. In the relaxed state of hypnotherapy, you can discover creativity you didn’t know you had. Without the restrictions of worry, fear of failure and self-criticism, you can release the creative power of your unconscious.

After your creativity session you will feel more relaxed, more able to release your ideas and express yourself freely.

If your problem is not ideas, but staying focused for long enough to get them on paper or apply them, hypnotherapy can help as well. I can help you increase your focus and improve your working habits, so that not only do you have ideas, but also the ability to organise and work on them.


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