Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Acute pain is usually defined as pain characterised by its sudden onset and short duration. Chronic pain is pain that persists for several months, years, or in some cases, pain that can last a lifetime. It is a complex, debilitating and life changing condition. Depression, lack of self worth, lack of confidence, a breakdown in relationships, a sense of hopelessness and increasing social isolation may lead to many chronic pain sufferers turning to hypnotherapy.

Conventional medical treatments for chronic pain are often protracted and multi-disciplinary and may include powerful medication, physiotherapy, surgery and talking therapies.

I teach clients  self hypnosis techniques as part of the hypnotherapy sessions so that they can practise at home with the support of a personalised recording. Hypnotherapy techniques used in pain management hypnotherapy sessions often include a progressive relaxation induction, distraction techniques, the use of visualisations of the pain itself, together with post hypnotic suggestions and cues for increased control over the chronic pain, and a focus on recovery and wellness. The progressive relaxation induction technique, in itself, may be of benefit to the chronic pain client as many clients describe their pain as being worse when they are stressed and their muscles are tensed up. Also, many chronic pain clients find the progressive relaxation technique easy to learn, so can leave the hypnotherapy session feeling that they already have a tool to help them manage their pain. This is an essential part of pain management and hypnotherapy.

The chronic pain client is also likely to benefit from a holistic approach to their condition. The interrelated issues of anxiety, sleep disturbance, lack of confidence and low self esteem are all conditions that can affect the chronic pain client and these issues can also addressed as part of the hypnotherapy sessions  to improve quality of life and well being.

I often use a visualisation technique called the healing energy vortex and also command cell therapy which can often help to manage or reduce pain. Placebo means the healer within and the client’s belief in the effectiveness of the treatment is crucial. You have the power to heal yourself by harnessing your unconscious mind.

2 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

  1. I am amazed that hypnotherapy reduce the physical pain as well :O
    Thank you for sharing!


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