Hypnotherapy to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Using hypnosis to stop drinking alcohol is becoming an increasingly popular and effective means of stopping drinking. Alcohol is one of the three leading causes of diseases and injuries worldwide. It is a problem that many people just like you struggle to overcome.

Binge drinking and even social drinking can, in a thankfully small number of cases, lead to alcohol abuse and ultimately alcohol dependence. It can damage your relationships whether with your family or those you share your life with and it can damage your health and well-being. Statistics reveal that annually more than 1.8 million people worldwide die as a result of their or someone else’s excessive alcohol consumption.

Once you become aware that you have a problem with alcohol, the next step is to learn more about it as well as search for assistance. Acknowledging a problem with alcohol and using hypnosis to stop drinking is possible. Hypnotherapy can work on its own or in conjunction with other treatments like AA. Like any other therapy you have to be ready and willing to change. It is not enough to expect a practitioner of hypnosis to do that for you as well!

Hypnosis is a safe means of  helping you. It will work if you believe that it will work. You cannot force anything on your subconscious that it will not believe or accept. Hypnosis techniques will boost the motivation you have to stop drinking.

There are two different parts of the mind. Hypnosis explores the subconscious mind. This area of the brain sorts and stores your inner thoughts and creative ideas. Exploring this area of the mind allows you to learn more about your inner self. You can find out why you may have issues with alcohol abuse as well as why you are having problems when you want to stop drinking.  Through regression, I can get to the root cause of your drinking.

Hypnosis can help you stop drinking by replacing bad habits with good habits. Reconditioning the way you think and then reinforcing positive thoughts is one way that you can use hypnosis to stop drinking. You will begin to focus on your goals as well as the means of achieving success.

After a few sessions of hypnosis to stop drinking,  your perception of alcohol will change. You will stop considering it as the best option for relaxation or coping with uncomfortable feelings. You will begin to consider alternatives that are more positive and  other creative means of dealing with your personal problems.

You don’t need to be an alcoholic to use hypnotherapy to stop drinking. It is possible to hypnotise you to become a selective and social drinker so that you just cut down. Alternatively, you can be hypnotised to stop drinking completely. You will be given a recording from your session to listen to for 21 days.

Make an appointment today at my private home practice in Whinburgh, Norfolk or have a session online.

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