How Many Sessions of Therapy Do I Need?

This is one of those questions like: how long is a piece of string? It totally depends. Rapid Transformational Therapy which lasts a minimum of 90 minutes can sometimes achieve permanent change in just one session. I have seen this with a client who just stopped smoking straight after the session and never started again. Another client felt their anxiety had just drifted away from them and after listening to their recording for three weeks felt like a different person.  Many clients need two or three sessions to explore their issues more deeply. It is also essential to listen to the recording I give you for 21 days which embeds your new thought patterns into your brain and cements your changed behaviour.

Conventional hypnotherapy can also effect immediate change but often takes longer. Some clients may need about six sessions of 50 minutes each. This can be appropriate if you are nervous about hypnosis and want to proceed one step at a time.

Psychotherapy sessions are also 50 minutes long. This kind of therapy is open ended in nature and suitable for people who really want to explore themselves in depth and come to greater self-knowledge. Many people enjoy the chance to discuss their issues every week with a non-judgemental, caring listener. Some clients come back week after week for many months. Talking therapy is ideal for people who don’t feel comfortable about being hypnotised and for those who want to come to their own realisations rather than taking direction from the therapist.

If you are interested in rapid results the most important factor is your motivation and willingness to change. It is crucial that you put the suggestions from the session into your daily life. You are in charge from now on!

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