Get Rid of your Money Blocks

Do you feel overwhelmed by your financial issues? Do you watch your bills stack up and your credit card debt expanding and feel trapped? I felt like that too but I freed myself with Rapid Transformational Therapy and you can too.

There is enough money in the world for everyone. Abundance is everywhere. It is all available for you. So why don’t you feel you have enough? Something is blocking you from achieving wealth. It is your own thoughts about money. You have probably got a negative belief about finances from your own early childhood.

Rapid Transformational Therapy takes you back in time to scenes from your childhood where you find the root cause of these faulty beliefs you have around money. Once you understand the root cause you can release the belief into the past. You undergo a transformation and receive positive affirmations under hypnosis which rewire your brain. From now on nothing can stop you!

You also receive a bespoke recording which gives you suggestions around increasing your wealth which you are now ready to receive. You listen to it every day for 21 days so that your mind now thinks postive thoughts around wealth.

I had a client from Hamburg who was nervous about charging her clients high prices even though she knew she was worth it. Under hypnosis she found out that as a small child she was told she had to share all her toys and that she didn’t need nice things. Once she understood this she could let that belief go. I gave her a recording emphasising that money is energy and she needs to receive as well as to give to remain in balance. After a week she had put her prices up and felt confident talking to clients.

Call today to find the abundance you deserve.

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