Eating For Healing

If you have been or still are unwell either mentally or physically the first step you must take is to sort your diet out. A healthy eating regime will support your body to heal itself. Good nutrition will help clear your mental fog.

Fruit is an important component of any healthy diet. Lots of health blogs advise against it because of the sugar content but fruit has so many healthy components you cannot miss it if you are trying to heal. If you are worried about weight gain try berries which have the lowest amount of sugar. Blueberries are a superfood that will really help you on your healing journey.

The next step is to eat lots of vegetables of all kinds. Leafy greens are particularly important and you should aim to eat some every day. These kinds of foods are full of anti-oxidants which you need to get well.

It is also really important to drink lots of water. Get a water filter and drink filtered water to make sure you are not putting anything toxic into your body. Eight glasses a day is a good amount.

Alcohol and caffeine are best avoided. Try tapering down until you can manage without. Remember alcohol is a depressant and caffeine makes anxiety worse. Don’t eat any processed food at all. There is stuff in there you really don’t need. Cut out sugar.

You may benefit from a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement.

Your mind and body want to heal.

Help them by taking care of your diet.

You are are worth it.

Treat yourself like your best friend.

I say to myself often, “My body is a temple. I am made in the image of God.” This helps me to keep on track and not stop at the fast food place for some instant comfort.

If it all gets too much try the 80% rule. Eat healthily for this much of the time and allow yourself an occasional cheat day or a treat.

I am on my own health journey. Since New Year I have been alcohol free and I have cut coffee and tea out completely. I have also reduced grains drastically. My next step is to reduce sugar.

You can do it. And I’m right there with you. I am not a dietician but I know what works. Trust yourself to experiment to find out what suits you. Some people find going gluten free is a big help. Some need meat while others prefer being vegan. Listen to your body and it will tell you what is best.

Book a session of hypnotherapy to learn to listen to your subconscious mind and tune into your Higher Self.

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