Creativity For Healing


Creativity can play a powerful role in your healing process. It brings freedom to your spirit and soul. It allows you to express yourself and release stagnant emotions that could be  stopping you from getting well.  It is also a Divine act. You are expressing your joy and appreciation to the universe.

The creative expression is timeless. You can dance. You can write. You might like to paint. You may garden. You sing. You can sew or cook. It doesn’t matter if nobody sees what you have created. Often the thought of someone seeing it is what creates fear and stops you creating. When I was a child I was told by the art teacher I wasn’t good at art. Once I brought a piece home from school and my parents laughed and said it looked like a little kid had done it. Needless to say I didn’t pick up a paint brush in my adult life. This can happen to lots of people in lots of different areas. Don’t let it stop you creating.

The creative gift is a miracle we all have inside of us. Create something just for yourself. The universe sees it. The divine beings see it. Make the Divine your audience and it will never laugh at you.

I have written two novels which not many people have read. I have been rejected by every publishing house in the country. For a long time I felt low about it. Now I just write for myself and for the universe. I just enjoy the creative process of writing. It doesn’t matter what publishers and editors think. They are just working to a commercial formula.

To inspire yourself go on a creative walk. Just be in the moment and notice everything around you. Ask for inspiration and meditate on it. Later that day or that week a spark of an idea will come to you. Act on it and develop your creative gifts. Everyone is creative. You may not think you are because what other people have said. Just do it for yourself and see your confidence grow.

Don’t let anyone else dim your light.

Go create.

A hypnotherapy session can help you to find out what is blocking your creativity and release it.




Adapted from work by The Medical Medium

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