Find Your Purpose

Your soul always knows your purpose. Even if you doubt yourself or you’ve lost confidence, your soul absolutely still knows why you’re here.

It’s important to understand how your purpose contributes to your healing. We all want to have a purpose. When we have a purpose, it makes us feel good. It gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling inside that we’re being productive and we’re contributing.

But some of us have a purpose and we fall out of love with it. And then, we doubt it’s even our purpose anymore. We think, “Well, this can’t be what I’m supposed to do. I’m miserable. I don’t want to do this job.” I felt like this when I was a teacher. At first I thought it was a great thing to help people and make a contribution to society but it ground me down and I became worn and cynical.

I was disconnected.

We have to look at the word ‘purpose’ itself because purpose is an interesting word. One way of figuring this out is to know what the word means.
Purpose means you work for God. You wake up in the morning and you say you work for God. You work for the Higher Source. You work for the Universe. You work for the angels. You work for the light. You work for the Great Divine.

Now, when you’re working for God and you know you are, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you say is, “I work for God,” or, “I work for the Higher Source,” or whatever you’re comfortable with.

What’s your gift?

Let’s go on a gift hunt. So I’m going to give you a shovel. I’ve got a shovel. We’re going to go hunting. We’re actually going to dig and we’re going to look for something. So, let’s take a walk out to a field. Do you see the field we’re heading into? It’s a beautiful field. The wildflowers, I can smell the wildflowers. Can you? You feel the wind blowing in your hair and on your face? It feels good. You see the sun is out, but there are clouds – big, billowing, beautiful clouds.

We’re walking. We’re walking through a field. Intuitively, do you feel like we’re coming up? We’re coming up on where your gift might be.

Alright! I think this is the spot. Let’s dig right here.

I’m sticking my shovel in the ground. What about you? You’re digging too. We’re digging together.

I just hit a box. I hit a wooden box. What is this wooden box? It’s beautiful. It’s made up of walnut. It’s a gorgeous box. Help me pull this out of the ground. Let’s open this up. What’s in this box? What’s in here? Let’s open this up. Let’s see.

We’re opening the box. What do you see? What do you see? Do you see that time when you were compassionate to someone? Do you see that time when you took in that cat? Do you see that time when you took care of your dog really well when he was ailing? Do you see that time when you were good to your loved one? Do you see that time when you felt that you were doing something you were inspired about?

Do you see your gift in this box? Do you see the trust, the compassion and the love that’s in this box that you have inside your soul? It’s part of your gift of who you are.

I want you to do this exercise. I want you to know what your special gift is. And then, I want you to know who you work for. You have to know your special gift. And then, you have to know who you work for and then the word ‘purpose’ because it becomes something greater and it comes together for you. It lands on your lap and it’s in your hands and it’s satisfying because it’s real, it’s there, it’s powerful, it’s profound, it’s part of you.

It truly will help you heal. We all have a purpose because we all have a gift. But we all need to know how to really access it in a way and know who we’re working for and we’re there.

We’re there.

A hypnotherapy session could help you find your life purpose and help you heal.


Adapted from The Medical Medium

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