Prayer for Healing

If you are in pain, either mental or physical, prayer can help you. There has been a resurgence of interest in the power of prayer for healing and research is being published about it in medical journals.

Are prayers always answered?

My understanding is they are always heard but not necessarily  answered in the way you want, at least not in this life time.

You can pray to God. If you have difficulties with that terminology you can pray to the light, to Source or to the Universe or to angels.

I find it’s best to pray out loud. You can pray for yourself and for other people.

Every Christian has anecdotal stories about prayer healing the sick. You don’t have to be a Christian to pray of course. Buddhist meditation is a form of prayer. The relaxation state it induces is beneficial to health.

I have a daily spiritual practice. I say the Lord’s Prayer in the morning and then a prayer in my own words. I tend to keep praying at different times throughout the day. When I became a Christian I received the gift of speaking in tongues so sometimes I pray in tongues. I still don’t really understand what this is but I do it anyway. I meditate for 10 minutes in the morning or longer if I can.

I find prayer and meditation incredibly calming and empowering.

Give it a try. It’s perfectly fine to pray for your own healing.

I offer a kind of spiritual healing as part of my hypnotherapy sessions if the client wishes it.  I call it the healing vortex.

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