Social Support for Healing

Johann Hari has written a book called Lost Connections which argues it is lack of social support  that is a major cause of depression. I would go further and say loneliness is behind a plethora of physical and mental diseases.

In the society I live in I think the sense of community has degenerated in recent years. My village pub is largely empty as is the church. People are behind their walls. I assume they are watching TV or surfing the internet. I don’t know as I hardly know  a lot of my neighbours. The people I speak to tend to be encountered walking my dog. I am sure this pattern is typical for many people.

It is a disaster for our health though. Thinking about the past, we lived in tribes or small communities for thousands of years. Everyone would know everyone and all had a part to play. Isolation is not what you have been designed for.

If the hermit life suits you that’s fine but few of us are really like this. I admire the lives of the saints who lived in caves or other remote places and communed with Nature and the Divine. Indeed, I value my alone time and it does make me feel more spiritual. I like the connection with God and Earth I find in solitude.

Most of us are not made this way though. We need connection with other people at least for some of the time.

There are many support groups for those suffering illness. There are also clubs and societies. Think of an interest you have and see if there is a group locally.  Churches are another place to find connection. There are many internet groups but if you are feeling lonely face to face is probably best.

So make a start today. Reach out and find connection. You never know who you might find.

A session of hypnotherapy or psychotherapy could help you alleviate your symptoms and find out what is blocking you from making more connections.

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