Love for Healing

Love can be a confusing subject.

We use the word love in so many different ways.  I love my car. I love my kids. I love my wife. I love ice cream. I don’t think we mean the same thing in each of these situations.

If you are unwell love is vital to healing. We all have a great need to love and be loved.

What do I mean by love?

The love you need for healing is unconditional love. This is very rare among people. It is to be found in the Divine, the Source, the Light, the Universe, God or whatever you prefer to call it. God loves you unconditionally. That means just as you are. You don’t need to be better to be loved. As you feel loved by the Universe you are able to give love to other beings. Love can radiate out from you. Giving love to others is very healing.

The Ancients had several words for love. Sexual love was the least important kind but this is the love we have elevated above all in our society. We read romances, watch rom-coms and dream of handsome princes coming to our rescue or in fact being the rescuer. Lust is not love but is often mistaken for it. Then after a while it goes wrong and we are left wondering what happened. There was no love there after all. There has to be something more than lust for relationships to work long-term.

The sort of love I am talking about can start with compassion. You feel compassion when you see all the sadness and suffering in the world and want to do something about it. This is the beginning of love.

There is a Buddhist meditation on compassion I would like to tell you about. I learned it from a monk. Just sit quietly in meditation and think of love. Think of a time you loved or  were loved. Just feel the feeling.  Now fill yourself up with this loving feeling. Feel compassion for yourself. Now think of someone you know whom you like and send love out to them. Visualise enveloping them in loving white light. Do this for several minutes. Now think of someone you know whom you neither like or dislike. Visualise sending them love and compassion. Cover them in white healing light. Spend several minutes doing this. Now picture someone you don’t like at all. Maybe it is someone who has hurt you or betrayed you. Send them love and compassion. Send white healing light to them. Do this for several minutes. Concentrate on your breath. Slowly come back to full awareness.

Remember you are unconditionally loved by God and try to practise giving unconditional love in your life. Love yourself and others unconditionally. Dogs are great teachers of this. Learn from them.

Love is all around you. It is the thread that weaves everything together. Love is available to you.

A session of hypnotherapy will help you to open to seeing yourself as lovable and being able to love others.

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