Movement for Healing

Lots of research has shown the importance of exercise for improving mental health conditions and recovering from illness.

It may be the last thing you feel like doing if you are very ill. Just start with what you can do. If you can blink your eyes then blink them. If you can rotate your wrists then rotate them. If you can walk go for a walk outdoors each day. Gradually lengthen the time you are moving.

Find something you enjoy doing. Some people are gym rats but not everyone enjoys the environment. I was asked once by a gym employee if I was pregnant. I wasn’t so this did not go down well with me. I never cease to be amazed at the ignorance and down right rudeness of some people. Needlesss to say I didn’t go back to that gym.

I find yoga suits me. I have a daily practice and I go to a weekly class in my village which is wonderful for keeping me right and giving a sense of camaraderie. If you can exercise with a supportive group it helps lift your sense of well-being no end. There are many walking and running groups around. Cycling is enjoyed by many people. I find dancing is great for lifting the spirits. I love walking my dog and in the depths of winter it is a great way of meeting your neighbours.

Start where you are with what you can manage.

I remember reading an interview with Liza Minelli many years ago who had been in some kind of accident and was lying in bed completely paralysed.  She said to herself, “What do I know how to do? Well, I know how to rehearse so I’ll do that.” So she began blinking her eyes and pretty soon she could move all of her body.

Begin today moving something. You can do it. You can get well and you will. I love you and so does the universe.

A course of hypnotherapy or psychotherapy can give you the motivation you need. Make an appointment at my private practice in the peaceful heart of the Norfolk countryside.

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