Humour for Healing

Having a sense of humour about your situation can help you heal from mental or physical illness. Of course some humour is unkind or negative so that isn’t the sort of thing I’m talking about.

I mean finding the joy in things. There are some very funny comedy programmes on TV and funny films and these can help you. Some people are also very adept at making you laugh. Seek them out.

There is a hypnotherapy technique called the fast phobia cure which uses humour.

Let’s try it now. Think of  a bad habit you have or a memory of something you did that you regret. Close your eyes and visualise in your mind going to the cinema. Enter in to the door of the cinema and sit down in a comfortable chair. Watch yourself on the screen performing the bad habit or the undesirable behaviour. Run the events you are thinking about like a film. Make the film full colour and put sounds on it. Now start running the film backwards as if you are rewinding it. Watch yourself walking backwards and doing everything backwards. Now speed up the rewind so you are going faster and faster. Make the film black and white now.  Put some silly music on the film that makes you smile. Rewind the film faster and faster. Now stop the film. Visualise yourself exactly as you would like to be without the bad habit. Make the image very big and colourful. Put sounds on it and happy music. Now float up out of your seat and step into the image. Feel yourself as you would like to be. Now feeling good about yourself float back into your seat. Leave the cinema.

Learn to laugh at yourself and you will soon feel so much better.

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