Playfulness for Healing

If you are suffering I want you to bring play into your life. Nearly all my clients when recalling childhood remember they were happy when playing.

It doesn’t have to stop just because you are grown up now. Bring it back. Bring a spirit of playfulness to something you do once a day.

It could be playing a board game, a card game, sewing, exercising, writing your name in the sand on a beach, skimming stones, playing with a pet, walking in nature…

Do something today you haven’t done for years in a spirit of playfulness.

Soon you will be able to bring a joyful spirit to everything you do. This is essential for healing.

The universe is joyful and playful and it wants you to be well.

Make a change today.

Hypnotherapy can help you connect with when you were happy in the past and give you clarity about your self.

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