Past Life Regression Therapy

I offer past life regression as one of my services.

Under hypnosis, I guide you to go back to scenes from other lives. These scenes often have relevance to problems you are experiencing in your current life. Reviewing them with me can help you to understand these issues and guide you to how to resolve them.

It is best to come to past life regression therapy in a spirit of serious inquiry rather than with a frivolous attitude. Most clients find they have not been someone famous but have been quite an ordinary person. Sometimes the past lives shown can be quite traumatic. The scenes are useful for further therapy work.

There is controversy about whether these past life memories are real or constructed by the mind. All memories are constructed to some extent. Even memories from early childhood are often not complete recollections of what actually happened. The mind fills in the blanks with details which may not have occurred. The same could be true of past lives. From a therapeutic point of view it does not matter if they are not strictly true as the subconscious mind is showing them for a reason to help you understand yourself better in your current life.

If you believe in past lives you may want to try past life regression therapy to illuminate some issues you may be having. Past life experiences are accepted in some religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. Mainstream Christianity tends not to accept these ideas. Your experiences in regression will depend on your current beliefs about these things.

Make an appointment today for hypnotherapy and gain insight into yourself.

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