Effective Interventions for PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a growing problem in our society. You might think of military veterans suffering from this condition but it affects many people who have suffered all kinds of problems. PTSD is the only condition that requires there to have been a traumatic event to be diagnosed with it. People may find they have flashbacks, interrupted sleep, poor concentration, irritability and mood swings.

There is good evidence that trauma-focused CBT can be effective as a treatment. Clients review the trauma in the company of a therapist and are often exposed to potentially stressful situations in the company of the therapist. This kind of exposure can help the person to heal.

Drug treatments have also been found to be effective but not all clients want to take medication.

Research has also found that service dogs really help people to cope with their condition. Specially trained dogs have a calming effect and can support clients to enable them to go about their daily lives.

There is lots of evidence for group exercise as being very beneficial. An activity like surfing with other PTSD clients has beens shown to increase feelings of connection and camaraderie, adding to well-being.

The kind of analytical hypnotherapy that I practise is very close to trauma focused therapy. Under hypnosis I can take you back to traumatic events which you can review on a television screen. Seeing the event from the point of view of the present helps you to heal. Your subconscious mind is shown that you are not the same person any more and you are no longer in that situation. The mind can be rewired to have more positive thoughts which in turn create positive feelings.



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