What is Wrong With Me?

I see clients for all kinds of issues. What I find is whether they come in for comfort eating or anxiety or alcoholism what lies beneath is always one of three things:

  • I am not good enough or loveable enough
  • What I want is not available to me
  • I am different and I can’t connect with others.


These three things are at the root of nearly all problems in living.

Rewire your mind to think differently in these areas and your life will improve.

Tell yourself every day that you are  good enough, you are lovable, you can have anything you want, you belong, you matter.

These faulty beliefs are usually picked up in childhood. You can heal your past and change your thoughts with hypnotherapy.

1 thought on “What is Wrong With Me?

  1. “Rewire your mind to think differently..” enjoyed that! Great Post & thanks so much for helping!! 💕 https://jessierenea.com/7-ways-to-challenge-yourself-everyday/


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