Learning to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is the most important thing you need to do in order to heal.

Read this out loud every day and see yourself change.

You are loveable.

I see people who really want to attract love and have a loving relationship but they are not open to love because they feel unlovable, or because they feel so very unlovable they reject all the love that is around them, but the truth is you are the most loveable thing. You came onto this planet as this gorgeous, loveable baby and you knew too that you were loveable. If your parents took you home and shut you in the cupboard you would have screamed for days because you would have been certain that somebody was going to come and love you; because all babies know they are loveable. In the same way, if you buy a puppy or kitten they know they are loveable, but if you kick it enough they will hide behind a chair or something and think “Mmm maybe I’m not so loveable after all”.

You came onto this planet certain you were loveable and we all come onto this planet being loveable. Some of our parents don’t do a great job of loving us, nourishing us, but the truth is whoever you came through, the universe created you for a reason and you came through your parents, and the universe that put you here will support you enough and is supporting you now, it wants you to be loveable and love the true wonderful person you are.

You accept yourself as loveable, you believe in yourself as loveable, you see yourself as loveable and something rather wonderful is happening to you, because you know that you are loveable. Everyone around you is beginning to recognise you are loveable, to see that you are loveable. People all around you are beginning to see you are loveable, you are massively increasing your sense of self worth and self value. You’re increasing your level of self-esteem, you are increasing everyday your level of lovability and increasing your value of just how loveable you are, and people around you too are increasing their sense of how loveable you are, and their awareness of just how loveable you really are.

You can only love another person to the degree that you love yourself, and another person can only love you to the degree that they love themselves, and the most important step to having and growing a loving relationship is to know that you are loveable. You know you’re loveable, you remind yourself of this truth every single day, you know that you’re loveable and now that you know you’re loveable you are only attracted to people who also know that you are loveable. You are only attracted to people who also know that they are loveable, and now you can have a loving relationship with all the people around you because the truth is, love is available to you, love has always been around you. It may not have felt that way but from this moment on you know that you’re surrounded by love; you know that you’re not a helpless child depending on love to survive, you are a grown up person able to choose love, you’re surrounded by love and you choose love. You choose to be loving, you choose to know you are loveable, you choose to give love and to receive it back, and the more love you give the more love you get back, the more you get back the more you have to give.

You are absolutely loveable and you feel and experience that joy of recognising you are a loveable person, living around other loveable people. Love is available to you and you are completely open now to giving and receiving love from this moment on, and for the rest of your life you are developing a powerful belief in just how loveable you are. You accept yourself as loveable because you are loveable.

So say them out loud now “I accept myself as a loveable person, I easily express love and affection, and approval. I eagerly accept the love and affection that surrounds me now, and always, I am filled and nourished by the love that surrounds me, and I fill and nourish other people with my love. I deserve love because I’m loving and loveable, I give love and I receive it because I’m loving and I’m loveable, I’m unique, I have special qualities, there is no one else in the world quite like me, there hasn’t been before and there won’t be again anyone exactly like me. I have a place in the world, I’m meant to be. I belong to life, life belongs to me. I approve of myself as a loving person and the universe that created me is supporting me in everything I do, most especially knowing and recognising ‘I am Loveable”. You say these words over and over again. Very soon these words stay with you, they are embedded in you, they have a powerful, healing, all pervasive impact on you.

You easily express love and affection and approval. You do easily accept the love that surrounds you now and all the time, and you are so wonderfully nourished and sustained with all the love that is around you, and you equally fulfil and sustain other people with your love because you’re a loving person. You are a unique person, you’re meant to be here, you matter, you are significant, you’re important to life and that’s why life put you on the planet. You are unique and the same universe that created you supports you in every way; especially knowing that you belong, that you matter, that you are significant and most importantly that you are absolutely loveable, always have been, always will be.

You’re not your past, you’re not your childhood, you’re certainly not your bank account, you’re not the numbers in your bank account, the numbers on your scales, your age, your weight your size, your shape, you’re not even your body, these are all the wrappings.

What you are is loveable, and if you have had any doubts about just how loveable you are, even if you want to resist or believe that your weren’t loveable, just remember you are in good company – Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, and many, many other people like that too had great problems believing they were loveable. They needed the whole world to love them because they didn’t think they were because they could never believe that they were really loveable, and so you can see that the person who really has to love you is you, no one else can do it for you. If you want a wonderful person to love you, you have to love you first so that you know you are worthy of being with that wonderful person, so that wonderful person knows that you are worthy of being loved. Marilyn needed the whole world to love her and she said once “I have to belong to the whole world, because I have never belonged to anyone or anything in my life” and that’s really sad because the truth is, you don’t need to belong to the whole world, you don’t need the whole world to love you, you need you to love you and from this moment on you are doing a stellar job, a phenomenal job, an impressive job of knowing you are loveable. You don’t need to chase love, you don’t need to work for love, you don’t need to earn love, you certainly don’t need to beg for love, you don’t even need to crave love because you are love, you are loveable. You are love and love is all around you, and you are letting in some of the most important words you will ever hear in your whole life and you are letting it in, and you are loveable.

So as you say those words out loud “I am loveable” you let that in, it is changing your life in the most incredible way. You don’t need to chase love, you don’t need to run after love, you don’t need to pursue it or work at it, you don’t need to earn it, or plead for it, you don’t even need to feel its absence. Love is all around you and you are letting it in and its having a wonderful effect on you. And if, right now you think that you are all alone it’s ok, because the more you remind yourself of just how loveable you are, the more you begin to be surrounded by people who love you, and are loved by you. You are loveable and I want you to think of all the words you would like to hear. You see, we all have a missing piece, everyone wants something – to be loveable, a good kid, I’m a great son or daughter, I’m smart, I’m loveable, I’m cute, I’m nice, I’m good company. So I want you to think what it is you most wanted from your mother or father, your brother or sisters, your grandparents, your teacher, a relative, your partner, even your own children; what is it that you most wanted to hear? We all want to hear the same thing – I’m loveable, I’m a good person,I’m nice, I have something to offer, I matter, I count, I am significant. So one more time I’m goingto ask you the same question; what do you most want to hear? What is your missing piece?

And now I want you to say it to yourself  ‘I am ………………’ finish that sentence and say it out loud ‘I am……………’ Lovable, I’m a good person, I’m a great kid, I’m kind and loveable, I’m wonderful, I’m beautiful, just keep going and say everything and remember as you’re saying them tha the most important words you will ever say to yourself are the words you say to yourself and believe. The most important opinion for you is your own opinion. When you need other people to tell you good things it makes you needy, and when you tell yourself good you grow in lovability, and you are growing in lovability right now. So just one more time for just a few more minutes just think about the piece that’s missing, the praise you didn’t get, the words you didn’t hear, and some people wait 20 or 30 years to hear some praise from a parent that isn’t even on the planet. Don’t wait. Saying those words to yourself will have more impact, they will heal you more, they will benefit you more, so whatever you wanted to hear, whatever you needed to hear,would like to hear say it now, say it now out loud, say it with feeling, say it like you mean it, let it in and remember your mind learns by repetition. Just keep saying those words out loud right now, keep saying it, keep going, say them again. Your mind learns by repetition – repeat them all, and just one more time say those words out loud, know they are going in, they are having a wonderful effect on you.

And these words are having such a powerful effect on you they are over ruling any negative words, you’re replacing any negative thoughts, words, beliefs with new powerful constructive ones. As you understand that you have so much power, to recognise how loveable you are, and to have other people recognise it too and you are using that power every day.

You hear these words, your mind see’s these images and then it creates them your remembering that you were born loveable. You remember this, you are reactivating it and as you reactivate it you are remembering how loveable you are with one part of your mind, and forgetting all the doubt with the other part. Remembering everything you need to remember, forgetting everything that you need to forget and responding wonderfully with these direct mental commands. You’re changing everything, you’re changing your very belief system, that is just changing your biology, you’re changing your bio-chemistry, you radiate loveability. It’s all so easy, it isn’t what you do, it is such a permanent, powerful, all pervasive, wonderful, liberating feeling and freeing part of who you are. And this image of you as loveable, this image is so real, so clear, so lifelike it is so obtainable, it is you more so with every moment that passes, because everything is in the right place at the right time motivating you, conditioning you, compelling you to know you are loveable. You don’t even need to love over or around you because every level of your body and mind and soul is making you know whatever, or whenever you have been in your past, you are always and always will be loveable now.

3 thoughts on “Learning to Love Yourself

  1. Suryansh Kushwaha March 20, 2019 — 11:47 am

    Great post! I really loved it. I think that you are really right.
    Everyone in this world is lovable!
    And we should all know this. I don’t know why people think that they are not!!
    They all just need someone to tell them that, “Yes! You are lovable! We all love you :)”
    I really support you. You just made my day by writing a post like this.
    In some way or the other I think that we have the same thinking!
    ~ Suryansh


  2. Thank you very much.. We should encourage people to love themselve…. Follow the blog to get more knowledge on the topic


  3. This really is such an inspiring post !! 💕 thanks so much for posting and sharing!! Happy First Day of Spring !! 🌼🌸🍀🐝



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