Take Action

I am a great beliver in hypnotherapy and talking therapy. Talking about your issues has a very beneficial effect just on its own.

However, it’s really important to take action about your problems in life. Social psychology research has shown that much of anxiety and depression can be caused by the environment the person finds themselves in. There is nothing wrong with you as such. You are not faulty. You may be living in circumstances that do not meet your needs.

Taking action to improve your situation is important. Take a small step each day to make things better. If you hate your job then start thinking about how you can change it. Take action. Apply for new roles. If your living space depresses you decide to change it. Take action. Tidy up clutter. Place a plant on your window sill.

It is possible to change most situations even in small ways.

If you find yourself in a situation that cannot be changed then you need to concentrate on acceptance. Mindfulness and meditation are good for this.

If you can change your environment then take action today.

If you feel helpless talking to a therapist can help you decide what to do.

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