When Therapy Fails

Sometimes, therapy doesn’t work.

I’ve recently been doing some research about why this might be. The biggest reason is the client’s lack of motivation. For your therapy to work you have to really want it to. Go to your sessions with a positive attitude. Say affirmations to yourself: I can get better; I will get better; I am well.

Sometimes, it could be that the type of therapy doesn’t suit you. Some clients like hypnotherapy while some prefer psychotherapy. You may find CBT is right for you or you may want to consider psychoanalysis if you want something long term. The choice is yours. Everyone has different needs.

Another point is you really need to get on with your therapist. Different people get on with certain kinds of people. Make sure your therapist is a good match for you. It’s important to pick someone you feel comfortable with.

If you get better but then keep relapsing it could be that there is something in your living environment that is keeping you in a bad state. As long as you stay in it your mental health will suffer. It could be a bad relationship or a stressful work environment. There could be something wrong with where you live. If you can, try to change it and see yourself improve.

Your thoughts make your reality. Believe your therapy will work and it will!

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