It’s Not Your Fault

Whatever you are going through you need to remember it’s not your fault. You might have anxiety or depression or eat too much or drink more than you should. It’s not your fault. You are trying to deal with pain. There is a tendency in our society to blame people as individuals for their problems. I think it might have its origins in Protestantism.

It’s really not true though.

You are living in a very strange society that you have not been designed for. It can seem competitive and uncaring. There is a sense of precariousness. All this can make you reach for comfort.

Imagine how we have evolved to live over thousands of years. We should be in small tribal groups hunting and gathering. Many years ago I watched a grainy black and white film about the Kalahari Bushmen in the 1950s.  The men went on occasional hunting parties and came back with enough meat for everyone. The women gathered fruits sometimes when it was the right season. A lot of time was spent lounging around playing games and chatting. It seemed idyllic and completely not stressful. This was how your brain evolved to live.

Compare that to now where we are all rushing around trying to make ends meet and dealing with crowds, traffic and lack of real connection. It’s no wonder your psychological health suffers.

It’s not your fault.

The first step to healing is to accept yourself just as you are with all your flaws and faults. Nobody is perfect and that’s ok.

Start to love yourself today.

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