Positive Self-Talk

When healing yourself it’s very important to let go of negative self-talk.

Many people have a constant stream of chatter in their head putting themselves down. It can often happen if someone was very critical of you in childhood. Their voice eventually becomes your own.

The first step is to recognise this voice and stop listening to it.  You can turn it into a funny cartoon voice so you don’t need to take it seriously any more. I use one of the cats from Top Cat.

Then replace the negative voice with a positive one. Turn each statement around and make it kind to yourself.

So you do something you shouldn’t be doing and you call yourself an idiot. Stop. Make the voice silly. Change the statement to: you made a mistake but you’re going to learn from it this time. It’s all feedback and growth. Everyone does stuff like this. You’re ok.

It’s hard at first but the more you practise it the easier it gets. Tell yourself good things. That’s how you build self-esteem.

A session of hypnotherapy can help you do this with the help of your unconscious mind.



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