Evidence for Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is still not fully accepted in the medical community even though it has been practised for centuries. Even Freud started out as a hypnotist but he abandoned the practice in favour of free association. Mainstream science has spent more time studying rational therapies like cognitive-behavioural-therapy.

In spite of this, some researchers have investigated the effects of hypnosis and many doctors are open minded about the ability of hypnotherapy to help a range of conditions. One recent study found that hypnotherapy was useful for reducing pain in the short term. They performed a meta-analysis on ten studies and found chronic pain was significantly reduced after four to ten sessions. They didn’t find that the effect lasted after a six month follow up though. This study was limited by its small size but the results are promising. Further studies could find out more.

Research into hypnotherapy is still in its infancy but it shows promise for pain relief. Follow up sessions may cause the effect to last longer.

I have had personal success with relieving chronic pain.

Give hypnotherapy a try.



Bowker, E., & Dorstyn, D. (2016). Hypnotherapy for disability-related pain: A meta-analysis. Journal of Health Psychology, 21(4), 526–539. https://doi.org/10.1177/1359105314530452

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