Hypnotherapy is Proven Effective for Gut Health

Recent research into the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for gut conditions found it to be successful.


Here are the main findings:

  1. Gut‐focused hypnotherapy is highly effective in functional gastrointestinal disorders when conventional treatments have failed.
  2. While the exact mechanisms remain elusive, hypnotherapy appears to modulate brain‐gut pain pathways and sensorimotor function.
  3. Hypnotherapy significantly improves symptoms in up to 76% of patients with durable effects and important socioeconomic benefits.


Give hypnotherapy a try.



V. H. Dipesh and P. Whorwell (2019) Gut-focused hypnotherapy for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders: Evidence-base, practical aspects, and the Manchester Protocol in Neurogastrentology and Motility, vol. 31, no. 8. pp. 1-12

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