Case Study – Lyme Disease

I had a client come to me for the after-effects of Lyme Disease. She had had conventional treatment but still found she couldn’t walk properly and her speech was slurred. She felt like she was in a fog all the time.

I gave her a session of Rapid Transformational Therapy including cell command therapy. During regression to past scenes she went back to when she first had the illness, the pain of the illness and her doctor telling her she would never recover. I did lots of healing work here and I had her dialogue with the doctor telling him she would get well and she wasn’t going to let that negativity in.

Then I did a long session of cell command therapy where I instructed her cells to heal. We worked on forming new networks in the brain and healing, going back to original coding.

I gave her a recording of the cell command therapy.

The very next morning she emailed me to say she had been speaking clearly and had walked with the aid of her husband.  Over the next few weeks she continued to make progress and recover.

The mind is very powerful and you have the ability to heal yourself calling on your Higher Self and the love of the Universe.

You can heal if you believe you can.

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