New Year Resolutions

So it’s that time of year again. Most of us will have made earnest resolutions on the first day of January only to find we have faltered by this time of the month. Then we beat ourselves up mentally for not managing it. We then feel worse about ourselves and indulge our bad habits to feel better. It’s a negative, vicious circle.

So what is to be done?

I would suggest being much more gentle with yourself. Make modest changes. If you want to lose weight just cut out one thing that you know is fattening. If you’re giving up alcohol just leave it for weekends. If you need an exercise program just start by walking. Make small, achieveable goals and speak nicely to yourself when you achieve them. Reward yourself in healthy ways. Decide to be your own best friend, encouraging yourself with warm words.

January is a tricky month. Here in England it’s cold and wet. Most of us have run out of money after Christmas. This is not the time to be too hard on yourself.

Ease into the New Year gently.

If you keep failing in goals it could be time to find out what the root cause is. What is really behind that desire to collapse on the sofa with a glass of wine? Hypnosis could help you uncover what is unconsciously driving you.

Book a hypnotherapy session today.



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