Meet Your Spirit Guides

Spiritual people believe there are entities beyond the material plane who are sent to look after people on earth. Different religions and traditions give them different names. Christianity refers to angels while the New Age prefers the term spirit guides. More ancient religions might refer to them as ancestors or spirit animals.

Many years ago I did a course in angel communication and found out I had seven guides.  The more you develop yourself spiritually the easier it becomes to communicate with them. I still feel I have a long way to go. As I am a Christian I believe Jesus is a spirit guide and he is of course guiding many millions of other people on their spiritual journeys. Archangel Michael is another guide who features prominently in Christian mystical experiences.

I was told by a psychic that I have several ancient and wise guides one of whom is an African chief and another is an old Chinese holy man.

Recently I had a session with a shaman which employed hypnotic drumming. Deep in trance I was guided down the inside of a tree to a beautiful natural forest. There I met my spirit animals in what is referred to as the Akashic field where time and space don’t exist in the way we understand them. I interacted with several animals including a panther, a snake and a monkey. However, the most interesting experience was with a lion. I felt instinctively he was a representative of the Christian God. I was asking him repeatedly for my life purpose and he showed me a pen and ink image in the sky next to a shaman Native American who was drumming. I interpreted this to say I should write, particularly about spiritual things just as I am doing at this moment. I played with him on the grass and at one point he ate me and I came out of him again. Then I rode on his back and crossed oceans to a great city far away. It looked to me a lot like Lhasa in Tibet.  Then he took me to other places and lots of people were bowing down to worship Him in different places. He told me I should share my light with the world. I found this experience very powerful and I still have lots to ponder to fully understand it.

Shamanic trance is very similar to what I do in hypnotherapy. I have introduced some of my clients to this work and they have recieved wisdom from their guides. I induce trance with a recording of a shamanic drum. Not everyone will receive messages from their guides. Sometimes they don’t want to show themselves or the client may not be ready to hear what they have to say. Messages can be in visual images or sounds. I tend to recieve images more often.

Meeting your guides can be a very valuable experience. Book a session if you would like to learn more about your spiritual path.

2 thoughts on “Meet Your Spirit Guides

  1. I agrees to you: Meeting your guides can be a very valuable experience.
    Thanks for the nice post.


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