Communicate with Angels

Many years ago I  did a course in angel communication. Angels are spiritual beings who have elected to help us here on earth. Some people refer to them as spirit guides. Anyone has the ability to connect with them. I am going to tell you about one method among many.

Spend some time in calm and silence. Envision yourself surrounded with white light. Tell your angels you wish to connect with them. Ask to connect with angels who are working for your highest good. Ask lower spirits or darkness to leave you. This is important as the spirit world does contain some beings who are mischievous and will not give you correct information. It is quite easy to end up talking to one of these beings in error. So you must only ask in the frame of mind of wanting your highest good and the good of others.

Stand very still with your arms at your sides and your feet hip width apart. Rub your hands together very quickly. Then stroke your hands over your head and down the back of your neck three times. Shake your hands out. Then stroke down the sides of your head three times. Shake your hands out again. Then stroke your hands down the your arms three times. Shake your hands our again. Stand still and think about connecting with your angels. You have undergone a cleansing process. Ask the angels if you are fully cleansed. Your body will be used as a pendulum and you should feel yourself tip forward or back if you are cleansed. If you are not you will move from side to side. If you are not fully cleansed repeat the process. Ask the angels if they love you. You should feel yourself tip forward or backwards. This means yes.

You can ask your angels questions that have a yes or no answer. Forward and back is yes and side to side is no. Ask them anything you like as long as it is for your highest good and will not harm another person. Say you are wondering if it would be for your benefit to take a certain job. Ask your angels the answer. Sometimes it might not be clear or you may misunderstand. I find they are not clear on timing and things may take much longer than you think. The angels are in no rush. It is a good way on getting your mind clear on something. Don’t forget to thank them at the end.

Give it a try!

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