How To Cope With Anxiety-Part 1

Lots of people are feeling anxious at the moment due to the corona virus pandemic. It’s important to realise that it’s perfectly ok to feel like this. There is something to fear and by giving you anxiety your subconscious mind is trying to protect you from harm. If you feel you are more anxious than other people it could be that you are reacting from a place of trauma. Trauma in your past can make your stress response over-react to any danger.

Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for feeling anxious. Tell yourself that all your feelings are valid. Just sit quietly in meditation and examine your feelings as if you were someone else looking in. What is your anxiety really about? Go deeper. What is it bringing up for you? Accept what comes up. Allow yourself to feel the feeling fully. Observe it. Where is it appearing in your body? Can you move it around? Can you make it stronger or weaker? If it was a colour what colour would it be? If it was an animal what animal would it be? Visualise it sitting in front of you. Visualise it getting smaller and smaller. Imagine you take a baseball bat and bat it out into space. It’s gone.

The opposite of fear is love. Remember a time when you felt great love. It could be for a person, an animal or a child. Feel that feeling again. Now give all that love to yourself. Fill yourself up with that wonderful feeling. Now you are full of love.

Practise this several times a day. Just take a few moments to meditate on your feelings.

A session of hypnotherapy online can help you manage your anxiety.

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