Hypnosis for Sleep

Many people are suffering from insomnia at the moment due to the corona virus. You may be worrying and letting your thoughts run away with you. Keep coming back to the present moment. Don’t indulge in ‘what if’ scenarios. You don’t know the future. Nobody does. Stay in the present with your thoughts. Say calming affirmations to yourself like ‘All is well’.

Have a routine at bedtime. Stick to the same bedtime each night. Don’t watch TV or look at any screens a few hours before sleep time. Don’t have any electronic equipment in the bedroom. Instead, you could read or listen to calming music or have a bubble bath. Meditation is also useful in the evening.

Below is an audio that should help you get to sleep. In hypnotherapy, we always say that you don’t go to sleep. Sleep comes to you. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep while listening to the recording. It’s messages are still working on your subconscious mind, telling it to sleep. Listen to it every night in bed.

All is well.

For a personalised approach book a session of hypnotherapy online.

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