Hypnotherapy for TMJ Pain

I have had a problem myself over the last few months with TMJ pain. This is pain in the jaw and face. I went to the doctor and was told to take painkillers and do some facial exercises. The exercises didn’t work. The pain came and went. Sometimes it was intense, sometimes hardly there.

I tried some hypnotherapy audios and got no relief. Then I remembered the Optimal Emotional Freedom technique developed by Gary Craig. This is where you invite the Unseen Therapist to heal you. So I did. The pain went away immediately. After a week or two I started getting twinges again so I kept repeating the process until it was completely healed.

Below I have provided a free audio hypnosis for TMJ pain which combines regression therapy with the OEFT technique. This will help you to understand the root cause of your TMJ pain and then give you the tools to heal it.

Give it a try today.

Adapted from the work of Gary Craig.

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