Overcoming Childhood Trauma

You may feel stuck in life. You feel you have potential but somehow your plans never work out. It’s as if something is holding you back. It could be that there is some traumatic experience in the past that is affecting your subconscious mind. Many people have trauma in childhood. It could be the death of a parent, divorce, sexual or physical abuse or neglect. It could be just a tiny thing that wouldn’t normally be considered to be traumatic, but your subconscious has interpreted it that way. I once had a client who, under hypnosis, remembered that she had been lost in a shop as a tiny child. As an adult she was still struggling with separation anxiety from her mother. This is not a particularly disturbing event and yet her mind had decided it wasn’t safe to be away from Mum ever.

Regression therapy is a way of uncovering these events so you can understand them and heal them. It can be incredibly illuminating to discover what scenes from the past your mind goes to. This understanding helps you to move forward and live the life you deserve. Sometimes you may get upset when viewing the scenes. Just allow the tears to come. Crying is healing. It’s good that your feelings are coming up for resolution. Remember you are not reliving the scenes just reviewing them as if they are on a television screen. You can come back to your safe place whenever you need to.

Below is an audio you can use to regress yourself. If you feel nervous about your past you can book a session of hypnotherapy with me where you can feel safe with expert guidance.

Adapted from work by Gil Boyne.

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