How To Meditate

Meditation is one of the most powerful things I have learned to manage my mental health. I do it every day. Studies have suggested meditation helps with stress management, depression and anxiety. It can lead to greater clarity and focus.

Hypnosis is just a form of meditation. My hypnotherapy audios are meditations.

I learned to meditate from a Buddhist monk. It is very simple though not easy. There are a variety of methods of meditation. This is a simple form which focuses on the breath. There is no need for any special breathing. Just observe your breath. When distractions arise in the mind gently guide yourself back to the breath.

You are breathing in silence. That’s it. Simple but powerful.

Below is a 10 minute guided audio to help you to begin to meditate. Practise daily and work your way up to longer time periods.

Commit yourself to a daily practice at the same time every day.

See yourself change and grow.

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