Tonglen Meditation Helps Depression

Meditation has been proven to help conditions such as anxiety and depression in research conducted by Richard Davidson.

One of the most powerful forms of meditation is the Tibetan Buddhist form called Tonglen. In this practice you visualise someone you know well. It could be a family member like your mother. You breathe in and out steadily with a normal rhythm. As you breathe in you take all their pain and suffering inside yourself. You can see this suffering as black smoke. As you breathe out you send out peace, love, joy, contentment and other postive emotions. You can visualise this as white light. Keep doing this for as long as you can.

You can then switch the person to someone else. It is hard at first to do it for someone you don’t like but this practice will have a great effect on healing you.

Finally, you can visualise doing this for everyone on the planet who is suffering. Breathe in their pain and breathe out peace.

End the practice by coming back to your own breath and becoming aware of your body. Open your eyes and start the rest of your day.

By healing others with your mind you actually heal yourself.

Do this every day for twenty minutes. Work up to longer periods as you progress.

You can learn to do this with me in a hypnotherapy session.

Call Today to find out more.

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