The Spiritual Reason Not To Commit Suicide

I am becoming increasingly worried about the number of suicides going on as a result of the varying levels of lock down in place as a result of Covid-19.

I am a spiritual person and during hypnotherapy I can go to the spiritual realm and talk to spirit guides, great spiritual teachers and angels. We all have past lives, future lives and a council of guides who we plan our lives with.

What I know is that you are made in the image of the Divine. We are all one on the level of spirit. There is no real separation. We just experience ourselves in separate bodies in this realm.

We come to earth to learn some spiritual lessons. The greatest suffering gives the best wisdom. If you are suffering you have chosen this difficult life to learn something. You are probably a very old spirit who is strong enough to take on a difficult life.

Suffering is part of your life journey. If you choose to check out from this life early there is no judgement for it on the other side. However, you will miss the lesson you came to learn and you will need to learn it again. So you will incarnate again to learn it.

I hope this is of help to someone who feels low.

The bad times will pass. You can come through it. Develop your spirituality as much as you can. Pray and meditate. Know that you are loved. Find your spiritual purpose.

We are all here to love one another.

Reach out for help today.

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