About Me


Lynn is an experienced  Hypnotherapist and Psychology Expert, known for getting unrivalled rapid results for her clients. She uses a range of techniques including Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Energy Healing to transform people with deep inner work. The transformative healing results in them achieving success in life. She works with men and women in the UK and around the world.

She experienced significant transformation in her life after healing childhood and adult wounds and traumas, combining subconscious mindset work with energy healing and psychological techniques. She recovered from anxiety and depression with hypnosis and spiritual work. Lynn’s integrated approach to life mastery is the missing ingredient from anything else you may have tried.

Lynn lives in a converted chapel in the peaceful heart of Norfolk. She is a practising Christian who has also applied Buddhist principles to her life. She has a Masters degree in Psychology, a BSc in Psychology and an MA from Edinburgh University. She is trained in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and is registered with the GHR.

Call today and transform your life.

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