About Me

Lynn Matheson (MA (Hons), BSc (Hons), PGCE, HPD, GHR Reg., GQHP) offers hypnotherapy, integrative psychotherapy, rapid transformational therapy and thought field therapy from the peaceful heart of Norfolk in the United Kingdom. Make an appointment to receive therapy in person or accept help by telephone, Skype or Zoom. This means I can assist clients in any location. I have a private home practice where I enjoy seeing people grow and develop as their issues are resolved. I welcome clients with unconditional acceptance and positive regard. All work is confidential. I am fully qualified, registered with the GHR, and insured.


My background was in education. I have an MA in Philosophy which fired my interest in how we perceive reality and the ‘big questions’ of life. Fascinated by the mind I undertook a BSc in Psychology. I had a career in teaching but feeling unfulfilled I jumped ship and trained at the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy where I spent 10 months gaining a Diploma covering Hypnotherapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP and Thought Field Therapy. I have just completed an MSc in Psychology for  professional development.  I have also taken a course in Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marisa Peer. I have a spiritual view of the world combining elements from Christianity and Buddhism. In the past I suffered from depression and anxiety brought about by workplace stress so I have great empathy for those experiencing these issues. I recovered through therapy, self-care and a deepening spiritual life. My mission is to serve others  so that they can uncover their best selves.


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