I came to Lynn with excruciating pain from arthritis in my hands. I had tried everything and nothing worked. I had one session and went home and listened to the audio Lynn gave me every day. Within a week the pain was significantly less. It turned out it had all been to do with guilt and shame. The session of hypnosis resolved all my bad feelings about the past. I am amazed! Highly recommended.

Lynn really put me at ease from the moment I arrived. She is very kind and listened attentively to my concerns. I have gained many benefits and feel the world of difference from my experience with her.

From a client with Lymes Disease:

Thanks so much for the session.

Already my mobility has improved and I walked this morning just holding one of my husband’s hands. My speech is clearer and voice projection improved and vision clearer. But surprisingly I have more energy and am clear minded.

I don’t think I will tell my neurologist about you though!



I went to see Lynn about my phobia of the dentist, which I’ve had for years. Lynn has a wonderful manner; I immediately felt that I could talk to her about anything – and I did! Through hypnosis, she took me straight to some difficult experiences in my past which probably have a bearing on the development of my phobia. She sent me back-up recordings to use at home, and some really useful advice about ‘self-talk’. And guess what? It is working! Despite my rather stubborn subconscious, the fears are falling away, and the dentist experience is so much more manageable now. I recently spent 30 minutes in ‘the chair’ and it really wasn’t so bad; in fact, at times I can say I almost enjoyed it. But the benefits have been wider than the dentist experience alone – I definitely feel happier and more relaxed generally.

So thank you Lynn, for a hugely positive change in my life.



I came to Lynn for anxiety and I had one online session of hypnotherapy.  I’m feeling better. I made some big life choices the past few days. I’m moving to another city.   All is going uphill I can feel a shift. Decisions are becoming easier. It took about a month of listening to the recording.

“I reached for Lynn when I was at an all-time low after having tried many types of therapies to deal with depression.

During the three sessions we had together, we reviewed my situation and the main problems I was concerned about and worked thoroughly on them.

Lynn dealt with my case professionally listening carefully, asking the right questions to identify the roots of the problems and giving an objective perception of them.

Her sense of calmness helped me to recenter myself every time I was getting upset or lost in my emotions.

In addition, the bespoke hypnotic exercise  – which was sent to me at the end of the session to be listened at home every day – guided me through relaxation and positive affirmations in order to rewire my mind.

I really enjoyed the sessions with Lynn and thank her very much for her help. I am now more in control of my emotions and have the tools to deal with my situation.”


I recently had a hypnotherapy session with Lynn: wow she is so professional and understanding!  She seemed to get right to the issue and her words just resonated with me.  A wonderful session, so helpful, I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to make changes to their lives.


My session with Lynn was the first time I’d tried hypnotherapy. I was a bit nervous, but interested to see what happened, having tried other kinds of therapy. I already knew Lynn many years ago, and knew I could trust her. The way she talked – friendly, caring and warm – confirmed to me that I was in safe hands. She listened and what she said back to me made me feel she understood what I was talking about. In the session, it seemed that hypnotherapy relaxed me and enabled me to talk freely about things that were difficult and painful. Under hypnosis, Lynn invited me to recall memories that were connected to the feelings I had in the present. I was able to make links between the past and the present in a way that would probably take much longer with other forms of therapy. What Lynn said towards the end of the session was designed to help me feel better about myself – more confident. She provided a recording of her saying those words, so I could listen to it repeatedly. I wasn’t sure if such a direct approach would work. It seemed too easy. And yet, within a week, I found myself waking up to the thought, ‘I’m fine just the way I am.’ And, if I’m honest, I have felt less anxious and more confident in kind of situations that used to make me nervous. So, on the basis of my experience, I can definitely recommend giving it a try!


My head was muddled before I came to see Lynn. She cleared and focused me, to love myself and eat healthy. I’ve lost half a stone and do not comfort eat any more, which I can’t  quite believe. She helped me to put things in the past and leave them there. I’m happier, healthier and looking forward to my positive future.


I tried a lot of different things over the years to help change my way of thinking and got tired of waiting for results.  What Lynn has to offer sounded too good to be true, but I was at a point in my life where I was willing to try anything to feel better. It wasn’t an instant cure for me in any way. It did take a few weeks of  determination on my behalf, but Lynn gave me the tools and showed me how to use them better than anyone ever has in the past. Six weeks on, my friends and family can see a huge change in my mood.

It’s one thing to have someone tell you that you need to value yourself and that you are capable and have a wonderful life… it’s another to actually believe it. And for the first time, I do!

Life changing! I now have a new life without anxiety. Thank you so much Lynn!  It was easy and now I feel free. I  realise that this is how other people have lived all this time. Now I get to be the same!

I’d never tried hypnotherapy before. I was nervous and unsure but totally open to the possibility of  change.

I had the most amazing time with Lynn.  She is so warm but professional and her voice is really soothing. I was sceptical about whether one session would really make a difference but it has!

I have had two sessions with Lynn, after seeing therapists for over twenty years. I had lost hope. A colleague recommended Lynn to me. I wasn’t sure at first but I have no regrets. Lynn is amazing! I instantly felt her care for what she does. I feel like I am slowly starting to transform.

I know I have a lot of work to do. I am starting to believe that I have the power to change my negativity into a more positive way of looking at myself and gain control over my life.

Lynn is the first therapist I have seen that has been able to give me hope and show me that my life is changing for the better.

I recently visited Lynn for help with losing weight as I had problems sticking to diets. Since my visit I’ve found it easier to keep to my diet and I feel really motivated to continue. Highly recommended!

I had been searching for something to relieve my anxiety for a long time and I think I found it today with Lynn. I have had medication and counselling before and none of it did any good. I felt amazingly relaxed today for the first time in ages. I am looking forward to listening to my recording every day.

What a fantastic experience. I went to see Lynn for help with anxiety, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’ve felt a big change and feel so much better now.

I will always be eternally grateful to you for helping me with so many aspects of my life. Firstly the Depression. I actually felt a whoosh of the depression and any negativity leaving my head. Since then, I have no negative self-critical voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough.

Secondly, my Skin Acne. Again, since doing the healing vortex session when you put your hand on my head, my skin is clearing up daily and is looking much better now and continues to clear every day. I use command cell therapy every day to command my skin to look clear and bright whilst looking at the parts of my skin that are clear I say “And THAT is how the rest of my skin is looking too, clear and bright”.

So onwards and upwards. I hope my migraines are finished with for good and I need to work on seasonal hayfever when the time comes. Also I am slowly reducing my dose of anti-depressant which I’ve been trying to come off for the last 13 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can not say it enough! I send you Metta (loving kindness) in my daily meditations too to support you and your marvellous, incredible work. You have now given me the strength and purpose in life I needed to take this work forward in helping others too which is the greatest gift there is!

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with the hypnosis for my public speaking phobia. For the first time I actually did a good presentation and indeed ended up with an impromptu one on the last day. Some of my peers said “you’re good at presentation you can do the final day” Little did they know it had taken 28 years and many sessions but only your one had worked.

About 15 years ago I was determined never to fly again. My fear of flying had become a phobia and nowhere was worth the distress of getting to. But then I was asked to fly to New York. I felt I had to go. A friend told me about Lynn and so I went to see her. She was amazing. Under hypnosis the cause of my extreme anxiety was uncovered and  she taught me how to overcome it. I flew to New York with absolutely no problem and have since taken many long-haul flights. I quite often enjoy flying now, even take-off and landing. So, a big thanks to Lynn!

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